Can I submit my IGNOU Assignments Directly to Headquarters

Completing and submitting assignments on time is critical for every IGNOU student. For distance learners, assignments contribute substantially to the final grades. Naturally, students want to submit their assignments correctly as per IGNOU guidelines. A common query is whether assignments can be directly sent to the IGNOU headquarters in New Delhi instead of the study center.

Importance of Study Centers

IGNOU operates through a network of Regional Centers and Study Centers across India. Study centers are the primary hubs for student support services.

Some key functions of study centers are:

– Distribution of study material

– Submission of assignments

– Conduct of counseling sessions and practical exams

– Providing program information and student support

Study centers serve as the first point of contact between students and the University. Each student is allotted a specific study center based on their location.

Submit Assignments Only at Designated Center

IGNOU clearly instructs students to submit all assignments only at their assigned study center within the due dates.

Directly mailing assignments to HQ or other centers should be avoided because:

– The study center keeps a record and provides acknowledgement for assignments received

– Assignments are scrutinized and stored safely at centers before being sent to HQ

– HQ receives and processes thousands of assignments everyday making tracking difficult

– Without study center records, assignments may get misplaced at HQ

IGNOU Regional and Study Centers also actively resolve any issues faced by students regarding assignments and evaluation. Bypassing them can leave you without support.

Online Assignment Submission

In recent times, IGNOU has introduced online assignment submission options through platforms like:

– Student Portal

– Mobile App

– Email (in some courses)

This allows students to submit digitally from anywhere while keeping their study center informed. However, availability varies across courses and centers. Offline, physical assignment submission at your allotted study center continues to be the safest choice.

Assignment Acknowledgment

Always collect and retain the acknowledgment or receipt from the study center when you submit assignments. It serves as proof of timely submission in case of disputes and helps track the status. Record the assignment reference number mentioned in the acknowledgment for tracking.

In summary, IGNOU does not recommend sending assignments directly to the headquarters. Follow the process of submission at your designated study center for smooth processing and timely evaluation. Seek help from counselors if you face any issues.

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