What is the differences between SCDL and IGNOU for MBA Course

Pursuing an MBA through distance learning is an excellent option for working professionals seeking career advancement. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) and Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL) are two leading institutions offering distance MBA programs in India. Understanding the key differences between the two will help prospective students pick the best one aligned to their needs and goals.

Course Duration

The timeline for completing the MBA program differs. IGNOU’s MBA duration is 3 years whereas SCDL offers a faster 2 year program. SCDL has more frequent semester intakes per year enabling quicker completion.

Specializations Offered

Both provide diversified specializations but SCDL offers more options covering niche areas like Logistics, Supply Chain, Entrepreneurship, Family Business, Agricultural Business and more. IGNOU has general streams like Marketing, Finance, HR, Operations along with sectoral programs in Retail, Banking, Tourism etc.

Program Structure

IGNOU’s curriculum includes common foundation courses, core specialization courses, practical workshops and a dissertation or project work. SCDLhas core and specialization subjects, along with a mix of electives, projects, seminars and hands-on training. SCDL’s structure offers more flexibility.

Evaluation Process

For IGNOU, the main components are term end exams (70%) and assignments (30%). SCDL focuses more on continuous evaluation through multiple assessments like case studies, project work, group tasks, quizzes, subject exams and a final dissertation.


IGNOU’s MBA fee structure is comparatively very reasonable at around ₹11,500 per semester. SCDL fees are higher – approximately ₹35,000 per semester. Additional costs may apply for electives, seminars, project, dissertation etc.

Placements Support

Neither university directly facilitates placements. IGNOU provides a placement cell for guidance. SCDL makes limited assistance through alumni networks and partner corporates. Efforts required for placement are much higher.

Faculty and Student Support

Both have designated program coordinators, academic counselors and program centers to guide students. IGNOU has wider regional center network while SCDL emphasizes technology enabled support services for instant connectivity.

Brand Image

IGNOU as government open university is more popular across India including rural areas. SCDL has strong brand salience among private sector and metro-based working professionals.

Evaluating the differences in terms of fees, flexibility, specializations, pedagogy and focus area will enable prospective MBA students to choose wisely between IGNOU and SCDL. Learners must align selection as per their budget, interests and career goals.

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