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How To Apply For IGNOU Re-Admission 2021 22

How To Apply For IGNOU Re-Admission 2021–2022

Students who do not complete the course within the prescribed period of time may apply for readmission to IGNOU University. Learners of Ignou University are eligible to apply for admission to any one of the courses offered at IGNOU or finish their courses with ease. Learners have to follow the whole process of submitting assignments again and appearing for examinations as they did previously to get the results.

IGNOU Re-Admission 2022

After you have been readmitted to the same course that you had previously left, you should begin preparing for your exams. In accordance with the university’s pro-rata fee structure, you must pay fees. One thing you have to keep in mind is that you have to complete your subjects before the deadline given by the IGNOU University. In the event that you fail to do so, your admission may be cancelled by the authorities of Ignou and you will not be able to reapply again.

Termination of IGNOU Re-Admission

According to the recent notice announced by Ignou, it is the responsibility of the university to let you know that Ignou University has made a decision to stop re-admissions to all IGNOU academic courses starting from the date of this. This means that IGNOU has ended your admission. Therefore, you cannot apply for a validity extension of any course offered by IGNOU.

If any of the above things happened to you, you are advised to read the extension update section in order to learn more about the validity extension available for specific courses.

Notification for readmission

IGNOU Extension for Re-Admission 2022 Update

The best thing about the Ignou is that it keeps extending the date of readmission every year, which means that you have to always keep checking the Ignou official website for the latest information. If you read all the updates on a timely basis, then you will be able to finish your exams before the due date.

You always have to check that you have submitted your Ignou project, solved assignments and other requirements to finish your studies.

Benefits of Re-admission to IGNOU

1-A learner who was unable to complete their degree can take the benefit of readmission and clear all their exams, assignments, and projects.

2-Individuals who were admitted to IGNOU but failed to complete their studies within the prescribed duration of time.

3-You are not required to clear all your exams which you have cleared earlier, In this readmission process, you have to start from where you left in the previous admission.

4-If you have already cleared those subjects prior to the expiration of the admission period, there is no reason to repeat those codes.

How to Apply for IGNOU Re-Admission

The online application method is not accessible for readmission in IGNOU. Therefore, learners must apply offline to avail the benefits of the re-admission option.

1-You can easily download the readmission form from your regional centre website.

2-After downloading, fill in all the required information.

3-Make sure you fill out the form by following all the guidelines of Ignou University.

4-Once you complete the form, you can submit it to your regional centre.

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