MA in psychology valid in America

Is an IGNOU degree in MA in psychology valid in America?

Distance learning degrees are valid in the USA or any other region of the nation. However, there are certain authorizations needed to validate the degree within the America which is also known as United States of America (USA). When you apply for admission to a distance education programme at any university in India or anywhere else in the globe, you need to verify that the authority has the appropriate approval. Many student of Ignou always ask that “Is an IGNOU degree in MA in psychology valid in America” and our answer is yes its valid.

What Approvals Are Required for Running Distance Education Degree Courses?

1-University Grants Commission (UGC)

2-Distance Education Bureau (DEB)

3-Association of Indian Universities (AIU)

The university must be approved by the UGC at any level, whether state, central, private or autonomous university in India.

Therefore, before you apply, review the information above to help you save time or money.

Is an IGNOU degree in MA in psychology valid in America United States?

The diploma or degree awarded by IGNOU is considered valid in all parts of the world. IGNOU is a UGC-accredited institution. DEC as well as AICTE also accept the degrees awarded by IGNOU. The distance learning option lets students get a degree in their city of residence. Furthermore, the education offered by IGNOU is accessible and affordable and allows students from different backgrounds to access an education.

Yes, MA in psychology valid in America and every one of the Indian universities, whether they offer distance or regular education, is authorized. Always make sure that the university is endorsed by UGC and is a member of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) as well as other councils if needed.

Ignou guarantees that nobody will doubt its legitimacy. It doesn’t matter what degree you’re currently pursuing or whether its graduation, diploma post-graduation, PhD or post-graduation, it is possible to continue your studies in any country in the world.

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How to Check the UGC DEB Approved Universities List in India?

If you are pursuing any degree in India, you must always check whether the university is a member of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) or not. If yes, then you can happily apply for the admission.

Follow the steps below for a list of UGCDEB recognized and approved schools in India.

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