Ignou ms 100 project

IGNOU MS 100 Project

A research study concern is commonly established with a complex procedure of details, handling and also consists of: paying attention to lectures;  meetings with the supervisor checking out the Ignou MS 100 Project. The research study inquiry should be naturally appropriate and also if evaluated experimentally, offer the hope of contributing to our existing understanding of all-natural sensations.

The intro needs to sum up history details in way that makes it clear exactly how the study question was established. Remember, that when composing the project report of ms 100, you will certainly require to contrast your information with the work of various other researchers.

This comparison is important in developing the context of your operate in light of basic understanding in the area. It is, therefore, important that experiments done by other researchers that are relate to your concepts are plainly described. Make sure you consist of a citation then in the message where you discuss their work.

Student usually takes up Project Course only after having registered for the courses MS-1 to MS-11 and MS-95. For registration purposes the project course is treated one course, and also the fee is Rs.3,000/- (equal to two courses).


The goal of the project course would be to assist the student develop ability to use multi-disciplinary concepts, tools and processes to solve organizational problems.

Type of MS100 Project

The project can be from any among the following types and preferably from your own section of specialization:

i) Comprehensive research study (covering single organization/multi functional area problem, formulation, analysis and recommendations).

ii) Inter-organizational study targeted at inter-organizational comparison/validation of theory/survey of management practices

iii) Field study (empirical study).

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IGNOU MS100 Project Proposal

Proposal Formulation

Proposal of this associated with project must be prepared in consultation with all the guide and start to become provided for THE CO-ORDINATOR (Projects), School of Management Studies, IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110068.

The Proposal should have the next components:

a) Proper Project Proposal Proforma duly signed by the student as well as the guide with dates.

b) Bio-data of the Guide- A detailed biodata for the guide(duly signed, in original, by the guide along side date).

The biodata associated with the guide should have listed here information in absolutely unambiguous manner:

  • Name and Date of Birth associated with the guide.
  • Full Address and contact numbers of residence and current place of work.
  • Detailed Educational Qualifications-clearly mentioning the Degrees (with specialization),name and address for the University/ Institution as well as the year of award of degree/qualification.
  • Detailed work experience, stated clearly in chronological order having information on the designation, period, name and contactable address of this organizations.
  • Any information relevant for assessment for the eligibility for the guide. You may even attach current business card associated with the proposed guide.

 The Proposal regarding the proposed Project should essentially have the following:

i) Introduction, brief background and Rationale of this topic chosen for the project.

ii) Statement of this problem.

iii) Objectives (clearly stated in behavioral terms).

iv) Research Methodology:

  • Research Design
  • Nature and way to obtain data/information to be collected.
  • Sample and sampling technique. Rationale of chosen organization and also the sample.
  • Tools and processes to be utilized for data collection – information on the tools/questionnaire to be utilized and its particular relevance with all the objectives for the project.
  • Method/s to be utilized} for data collection.
  • Data handling and analysis- organization and analysis of information. Statistical tools to be utilized for analysis. Relevance of statistical tools with all the objectives for the project.
  • Findings and conclusions.

v) Limitation for the proposed project, if any.

vi) Future direction for further research (optional).

vii) Every other relevant detail which can only help better appreciation and knowledge of the project proposal.

Eligiblility of Project Guide Of MS100 Project

i) Management Faculty during the Headquarters (School of Management Studies).

ii) Academic Counsellors of Management Programme having relevant experience.

iii) Teacher in Management having five years of PG teaching experience / Professionals holding Masters’ degree in general management or allied disciplines having no less than five years of expertise within the relevant area. [In exceptional cases, helpful information with a B.E. degree and five years of relevant experience can also be considered].

Note – Please be aware that spouse, direct relatives, and blood relations are not permitted to function as the guide.

Just in case the proposed guide is certainly not approved because of the Faculty, the student will be advised so, as well as in such cases the student should replace the guide and submit the Ignou MS 100 Project proposal afresh with all the signature for the new guide, since it is going to be regarded as a fresh proposal.

Similarly if a student really wants to change his/her guide for just about any reason, she/he will be necessary to submit the project proposal combined with the signature for the new guide on a unique project proposal proforma, since it will be considered as a unique proposal.

In the event of academic counsellors, it must be clearly mentioned as to which courses she/he is counselling and because when, combined with the name and code for the study centre, she/he is attached with. The project guide will likely be paid a token honorarium of 300/- by the University for guiding the student.

At any given point of the time helpful information just isn’t permitted to counsel not more than five students.

Note : Students are advised to choose guides that are active professionals within the relevant part of the selected topic, for example. if the subject is within the section of Finance, the guide must be an expert in Finance and so forth. Project Guides are also requested to restrict guiding projects inside their core specialization area only.

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Project Proposal Submission and Approval

After choice of the guide and finalizing this issue, student should send the IGNOU MS 100 Project Proposal Proforma along side one copy for the proposal and Bio-data for the help guide to The Coordinator (Projects), School of Management Studies, IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110068 for approval.

Proposals incomplete in any way won’t be accepted. Students are encouraged to retain a duplicate of this proposal. Proposals not accompanying an entire and signed Bio-Data of guide (according to details given above) won’t be considered.

Project Proposal may be submitted throughout every season. The project proposal needs to be received within the school latest because of the end of second semester (within one year) for the registration of MS-100. This is certainly the students get at least 8-9 months time for you to complete their project work and submit it prior to the expiry for the 4th semester of Registration validity of IGNOU MS 100 Project received at school after one year of MS-100 registration. The institution will never be in charge of timely disposal for the project proposals. Those falling under this category are liable to miss out the timeline for submission for the project report. In these instances, they might have to re-register for MS-100.

Communication of Ignou MBA Project Approval

A written communication concerning the approval/non-approval for the project proposal will likely be delivered to the student within four months (excluding the vacation amount of the faculty) for the receipt of this proposal within the School.

Re Submission of Project Proposal

If the non-approval of this proposal the comments/suggestions for reformulating the project proposal will likely be communicated towards the student. This kind of case the revised project proposal must be submitted along side fresh project proposal proforma and a duplicate for the rejected proposal and project proposal proforma bearing the comments for the evaluator and P.P. No. (Project Proposal Number) allotted by School of Management Studies.

Ignou MS100 Project Report


The size of the Ignou MS 100 Project report might be about 50 to 60 double spaced typed pages not exceeding approximately 18,000 words (excluding appendices and exhibits). Still if there is a 10% variation in project is permissible.

The Project Report should have the following:

  • Cover Page –should have the name and enrollment no. for the student and also the name for the guide, combined with the title for the Project.
  • Detailed table of contents with page nos.
  • All pages for the Project Report needs to be numbered as reflected within the table of contents.
  • Approved Proposal (for example. Project Proposal, approved proforma and biodata of the guide) properly bound within the project and not simply stapled. Take note that project with stapled Proposal won’t be accepted.
  • Certificate of originality- duly signed by the student and also the guide with dates.
  • Introduction to your Project and Review of Literature
  • Rationale
  • Statement of problem
  • Objectives of this Project
  • Scope of the study

Research Methodology:

  • Research Design
  • Nature and supply of data/information
  • Sample and Sampling method with rationale
  • Details of this tools:
  • The Questionnaire as well as other methods used and their purpose
  • Reliability and Validity for the tools used
  • Administration of tools and techniques
  • Data collection
  • Data Handling, Statistical tools useful for Data Analysis
  • Data Interpretation and Findings
  • Recommendations
  • Summary and Conclusion
  • Limitations of the Project
  • Direction for further research
  • Reference/Bibliography
  • Annexures/Appendices (Questionnaire used etc.)

Note: Research Methodology regarding the Project Report should have elaborate detail of all of the the different parts of the methodology.

Submission of MS100 Project Report

One typed copy for the project report will be submitted to your Registrar (SED), IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110 068.As soon while you submit the Project Report, a P.R. No. will be allotted. Student should quote this P.R.No. while corresponding with Registrar(SED) regarding Project Report. The above process is same for all the courses like IGNOU MA Psychology Project and others.

Project Report can be submitted any moment throughout the year.


If a Project Report is submitted between 1st December to 31st May, then the result will be declared along with June Term-end examinations.

If a Project Report is submitted between 1st June to 30th November, then the result will be declared along with December Term-end examinations.

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