Ignou Regional Centre Pune

Ignou Regional Centre Pune

IGNOU Regional Centre Pune provides students with quality distance education programmes. From Bachelor’s to Master’s to Doctoral programs, you can choose various options catering to your academic needs. IGNOU has mastered the e-learning platform, giving students access to accessible, flexible education pathways.

Located in the academic backdrop of Pune, this Regional Centre (RC) was started in 1991 and has excited its support system and resource to help students thrive in their academic careers. Distance education has challenges, but they seem much more manageable with the IGNOU Regional Centre, Pune.

Address of IGNOU Regional Centre Pune in Maharashtra

The robust face-to-face academic counselors are always ready to walk students through complex concepts, while the centre vast digital library brings a world of knowledge to Your fingertips. Find the Address of Ignou regional centre Pune below.


Regional Director,

IGNOU Regional Centre Pune,

1st Floor, MSFC Building, 270,

Senapati Bapat Road Pune, 411016 Maharashtra

Support Offered by Pune RC

  1. Student Support Services: The Pune Regional Centre provides support services to students. It including academic counseling, guidance, and assistance in choosing appropriate courses and study materials.
  2. Study Material Distribution: The centre facilitates the distribution of study materials and resources to enrolled students to aid them in their learning process. 
  3. Examination Centre: The Pune Regional Centre serves as an examination centre for various IGNOU programs. This allow students to take their term-end exams closer to their residences conveniently.
  4. On-Demand Examination: IGNOU’s On-Demand Examination System (ODES) is available at the Pune Regional Centre, allowing students to choose the exam date and time.
  5. Workshop and Seminars: The centre organizes workshops, seminars, and training sessions to enhance the learning experience and provide practical exposure to students.
  6. Learner Support Centres (LSCs): IGNOU Pune has established Learner Support Centres in various districts to support students locally, conduct counseling sessions, and facilitate group activities.
  7. Digital Learning Initiatives: The Pune Regional Centre promotes digital learning and encourages using online study resources and e-learning platforms to enhance the educational experience.
  8. Research and Development: The centre engages in research and development activities to improve the quality of distance education and contribute to educational advancements.
  9. Special Study Centres: The centre may have special study centre for specific programs, allowing students to access specialized support and resources.
  10. Community Engagement: IGNOU encourages community engagement and involvement through community-based projects and outreach programs.

Courses offered by IGNOU Regional Centre Pune

UG Programs
Bachelor of Arts (BAG)
Bachelor of Commerce (BCOMG)
Bachelor of Science (BSCG)
Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)
Bachelor of Library and Information Sciences (BLIS) (Revised)
Bachelor of Arts (Tourism Studies) (BTS)
Bachelor of Social Work(BSWG) (Revised Syllabus)
Bachelor of Business Administration (Retailing) (BBARL)
Bachelor of Arts (Vocational Studies) Tourism Management (BAVTM)
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Economics (BAECH)
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) History (BAHIH)
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Political Science (BAPSH)
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Psychology (BAPCH)
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Public Administration (BAPAH)
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Sociology (BASOH)
Bachelor of Science (Honours) Anthropology(BSCANH)
Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Biochemistry (BSCBCH)
Bachelor of Arts English (Honours)(BAEGH)
 Bachelor of Performing Arts-Hindustani Music (Honours) (BAPFHMH)
PG Programs
Master of Commerce(MCOM)
Master of Arts (English)(MEG)
Master of Arts (Urdu)
Master of Arts (Political Science)(MPS)
Master of Arts (History)(MAH)
Master of Arts (Sociology)(MSO)
Master of Arts (Psychology)(MAPC)
Master of Arts (Economics)(MEC)
Master of Arts (Public Administration)(MPA)
Master of Library and Information Sciences(MLIS)
Master of Arts (Anthropology)(MAAN)
Master of Arts (Gandhi and Peace Studies)(MGPS)
Master of Computer Applications(MCA_NEW) (Revised)
Master of Arts (Rural Development)(MARD)
Master of Science (Food Nutrition)(MSCDFSM)
Master of Science (Counselling and Family Therapy) (MSCCFT)
Master of Social Work (MSW)
Master of Social Work (Counselling)(MSWC)
Master of Arts (Education)(MAEDU)
Master of Arts (Distance Education)(MADE)
Master of Arts (Adult Education)(MAAE)
Master of Tourism and Travel Management(MTTM)
Master of Arts (Philosophy)(MAPY)
Master of Science (Environmental Science) (MSCENV)
Master of Arts (Folklore and Culture Studies) (MAFCS)
Master of Arts (Development Studies)(MADVS)
Master of Arts (Women and Gender Studies)(MAWGS)
Master of Arts (Gender and Development Studies)(MAGD)
Master of Arts (Translation Studies)(MATS)
Master of Science (Mathematics with Application in Computer Science) (MSCMACS)
Master of Arts (Journalism and Mass Communication)(MAJMC)
Master of Arts (Drawing and Painting) (MADP)
Master of Science (Information Security)(MSCIS)
Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education(DECE)
Diploma in Nutrition & Health Education(DNHE)
Diploma in Panchayat Level Administration and Development (DPLAD)
Diploma in Event Management(DEVMT)
Diploma in Tourism Studies(DTS)
Diploma in Creative Writing in English(DCE)
Diploma Programme in Urdu(DUL)
Diploma in Value-Added Products from Fruits & Vegetables(DVAPFV)
Diploma in Dairy Technology(DDT)
Diploma in Meat Technology(DMT)
Diploma in Watershed Management(DWM)
Diploma in Horticulture (DHORT)
Diploma in Women’s Empowerment and Development (DWED)
Diploma in HIV and Family Education(DAFE)
Diploma in Business Process Outsourcing Finance and Accounting(DBPOFA)
Diploma in Modern Office Practice(DMOP)
Diploma in Paralegal Practice(DIPP)
Diploma in Aquaculture(DAQ)
Diploma in Retailing(DIR)
Diploma in Teaching German as a Foreign Language(DTG)
Diploma in Nursing Administration(DNA)
Diploma in Critical Care Nursing(DCCN)
Diploma in Theatre Arts (DTH)
Diploma in Value Education (DPVE)
Diploma in Smart City Development and Management(DSCDM)
Post Graduate Diploma in Rural Development(PGDRD)
Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Family Therapy (PGDCFT)
Post Graduate Diploma in Translation(PGDT)
Post Graduate Diploma in International Business Operations (PGDIBO)
Post Graduate Diploma in AppliedStatistics (PGDAST)
Post Graduate Diploma in Environment and Sustainable Development(PGDESD)
Post Graduate Diploma in Analytical Chemistry(PGDAC)
Post Graduate Diploma in Disaster Management(PGDDM)
Post Graduate Diploma in Mental Health (PGDMH)
Post Graduate Diploma in Library Automation and Networking(PGDLAN)
Post Graduate Diploma in Gandhi and Peace Studies(PGDGPS)
Post Graduate Diploma in Higher Education(PGDHE)
Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Technology(PGDET)
Post Graduate Diploma in School Leadership and Management(PGDSLM)
Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Management and Administration(PGDEMA)
Post Graduate Diploma in Pre-Primary Education(PGDPPED)
Post Graduate Diploma in Adult Education (PGDAE)
Post Graduate Diploma in Urban Planning and Development (PGDUPDL)
Post Graduate Diploma in Development Studies(PGDDVS)
Post Graduate Diploma in Animal Welfare (PGDAW)
Post Graduate Diploma in Corporate Social Responsibility (PGDCSR)
Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication(PGJMC)(Revised)
Post Graduate Diploma in Audio Programme Production (PGDAPP)
Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Media (PGDIDM)
Post Graduate Diploma in Development Communication(PGDDC)
Post Graduate Diploma in Food Safety and Quality Management(PGDFSQM)
Post Graduate Diploma in Information Security(PGDIS)
Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sales Management (PGDPSM)
Post Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights(PGDIPR)
Post Graduate Diploma in Criminal Justice(PGDCJ)
Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental and Occupational Health (PGDEOH)
Post Graduate Diploma in Folklore and Culture Studies(PGDFCS)
Post Graduate Diploma in Sustainability Science(PGDSS)
Post Graduate Diploma in Women’s & Gender Studies (PGDWGS)
Post Graduate Diploma in Book Publishing(PGDBP)
Post Graduate Diploma in Social Work Counselling(PGDCOUN)
Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital and Health Management (PGDHHM)
Post Graduate Diploma in Geriatric Medicine(PGDGM)
Post Graduate Diploma in Maternal and Child Health(PGDMCH)
Post Graduate Diploma in HIV Medicine (PGDHIVM)
Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA_NEW)
Post Graduate Certificate in Cyber Law(PGCCL)
Post Graduate Certificate in Patent Practice(PGCPP)
Post Graduate Certificate in climate change (PGCCC)
Post Graduate Certificate in Geoinformatics(PGCGI)
Advanced Certificate in Power Distribution Management (ACPDM)
Post Graduate Certificate in Industrial Safety (PGCINDS)
Post Graduate Certificate in Inventory Planning and Warehousing for Engineers
Post Graduate Certificate in Agriculture Policy(PGCAP)
Post Graduate Certificate in Gandhi and Peace Studies(PGCGPS)
Post Graduate Certificate in Adult Education(PGCAE)
Post Graduate Certificate in Information and Assistive Technologies for the Instructors of Visually Impaired(PGCIATIVI)
Post Graduate Certificate in Bangla-Hindi Translation(PGCBHT)
Post Graduate Certificate in Malayalam-Hindi Translation(PGCMHT)
Post Graduate Certificate in Medical Management of CBRNE Disasters (PGCMDM)
Certificate in Library and Information Science(CLIS)
Certificate in Disaster Management(CDM)
Certificate in Environmental Studies(CES)
Certificate Programme on Life and Thought of Dr BR Ambedkar(CLTA)
Certificate in Peace Studies and Conflict Management(CPSCM)
Certificate in Food and Nutrition(CFN)
Certificate in Nutrition and Child Care(CNCC)
Certificate in Rural Development(CRD)
Certificate in Guidance(CIG)
Certificate in Information Technology(CIT)
Certificate in Mobile Application Development (CMAD)
Certificate in Teaching of English as a Second Language(CTE)
Certificate in Functional English (Basic Level)(CFE)
Certificate in Urdu Language(CUL)
Certificate in Human Rights(CHR)
Certificate in Consumer Protection (CCP)(Revised)
Certificate in Co-operation, Co-operative Law & Business Laws(CCLBL)
Certificate in Anti-Human Trafficking(CAHT)
Certificate in International Humanitarian Law (CIHL)
Certificate Programme in NGO Management (CNM)
Certificate in Business Skills(CBS)
Certificate in Communication & IT Skills(CCITSK)
Advanced Certificate in Information Security(ACISE)
Certificate in Fashion Design(CFDE)
Certificate in Tourism Studies(CTS)
Certificate Programme in Laboratory Techniques(CPLT)
Certificate Programme in Teaching of Primary School Mathematics(CTPM)
Certificate in HIV and Family Education(CAFE)
Certificate in Social Work and Criminal Justice System(CSWCJS)
Certificate in Tribal Studies(CTRBS)
Certificate in Sericulture (CIS)
Certificate in Organic Farming(COF)
Certificate in Water Harvesting & Management(CWHM)
Certificate in Poultry Farming (CPF)
Certificate in Beekeeping (CIB)
Certificate in Arabic Language(CAL)
Certificate in French Language(CFL)
Certificate in Russian Language(CRUL)
Certificate in Japanese Language(CJL)
Certificate in Korean Language & Culture(CKLC)
Certificate in Spanish Language & Culture (CSLC)
Certificate in German Language(CGL)
Certificate in Persian Language(CPEL)
Certificate in First Aid(CFAID)
Certificate Programme in Yoga(CPY)
Certificate in Health Care Waste Management(CHCWM)
Certificate in Newborn and Infant Nursing(CNIN)
Certificate in Maternal and Child Health Nursing(CMCHN)
Certificate in Home-Based Health Care(CHBHC)
Certificate in General Duty Assistance(CGDA)
Certificate in Geriatric Care Assistance(CGCA)
Certificate in Phlebotomy Assistance(CPHA)
Certificate in Home Health Assistance(CHHA)
Certificate in Community Health(CCH)
Certificate in Adolescent Health and Counseling (CAHC)
Certificate in Visual Arts – Applied Art(CVAA)
Certificate in Performing Arts – Theatre Arts(CPATHA)
Certificate in Performing Arts Hindustani Music(CPAHM)
Certificate in Performing Arts Karnatak Music(CPAKM)
Certificate in Performing Arts Bharatanatyam(CPABN)
Certificate in Energy Technology and Management(CETM)
Certificate of Competency in Power Distribution (Electrical Technicians)(CCPD)
Certificate in Solid Wastes Treatment Techniques (CSWATT)
Certificate Programme in Value Education(CPVE)
Certificate in Solid Waste Management (CSWM)
Certificate in Community Radio(CCR)
Certificate in Gender, Agriculture and Sustainable Development (CGAS)

Ignou Admission Details 2023

Admissions are available bi-annually at the Pune Regional Centre in both January and July sessions. The application window for the July 2023 session at IGNOU Pune has commenced. Prospective students aiming for admission into programs such as Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Diploma, and Certificate courses can complete their registration by visiting the official Pune RC website. The application submission must be completed before the August 21, 2023 deadline.

Some of the courses offered by Ignou like BEd, Ph.D., and BSc nursing courses, admission at the RC is determined through a merit-based process. While entrance exams are conducted for the BEd, Ph.D., and BSc nursing programs.

The IGNOU Re-registration procedure is underway at the Ignou regional centre Pune for all Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and other programs intended for the July 2023 academic session. Candidates must complete the re-admission process by August 21, 2023, to enroll in their chosen programs.