Ignou MCOM Solved Assignment 2022 23

Ignou MCOM Solved Assignment 2023 24

Ignou MCOM Solved Assignment 2023 24: The Indira Gandhi National Open University (Ignou) offers the Ignou MCOM, or Master of Commerce, postgraduate degree programme. It is designed to provide students with in-depth knowledge and understanding of various aspects of commerce and related fields. The programme aims to equip students with the necessary skills and expertise required for successful careers in management, finance, accounting, taxation, and other related areas.

Ignou MCOM Solved Assignment 2023 24: Details

The Ignou MCOM curriculum covers a wide range of subjects such as financial management, marketing management, business laws, international business finance, strategic management, and more. Students are exposed to both theoretical concepts and practical applications through case studies and project work.

One of the key advantages of pursuing an Ignou MCOM degree is its flexibility. As a distance learning programme, it allows students to study at their own pace from anywhere in the world. This makes it ideal for working professionals who wish to enhance their qualifications while continuing their jobs.

Along with the Ignou MCOM solved assignment 2023 24 that students must complete, Ignou offers comprehensive study materials. These assignments play a crucial role in assessing students understanding of the subject matter covered in each course. Therefore, it becomes essential for students to submit well-written and accurate solved assignments within the specified deadlines.

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Subject code of Ignou MCOM First Year Solved Assignment

Course Code Title of The Project Credits
 MCO-1  Organization Theory and Behavior  6
 MCO-4 Business Environment  6
 MCO-5  Accounting for Managerial Decisions  6
 MCO-21  Managerial Economics  4
 MCO-6  Marketing Management  6
 MCO-22  Quantitative Analysis for Managerial Applications  4
 MCO-23  Strategic Management  4
 MCO-24  Business Ethics and CSR  4

Subject code of Ignou MCOM Second Year Assignment

Code Title of the Project Credits
MCO-03  Research Methodology and Statistical Analysis  6
 MCO-07  Financial Management  6
 IBO-2  International Marketing Management  6
 MCO-15 India’s Foreign Trade and Investment  4
IBO-01  International Business Environment  6
 IBO-06  International Business Finance  6
 MCOP-001  Project  6

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