Benefits Of Doing IGNOU mpap 001 Project

Education is supposed In ignou university to be an evenly balanced process of theory and application, the college exams often test just the theory part. Most of the marks that we get are for what we write from our memory in exam and IGNOU mpap 001 Project for PGDDM students.

The bridge between the theoretical aspects and real world is project based learning. However, in psychology curriculum, projects are for the final year students. And this lack of application of knowledge in the real world throughout the course of study is what hinders us from truly appreciating the things that we study.

This is where hobby projects or doing a small project for a few of the subjects that have to be studied in a particular semester comes into the picture. Projects help us in understanding the subject better which in turn leads to remembering what we have studied for a longer duration of time. Do you remember all that stuff that you read for the exam you wrote a few months ago? Probably not. But you will definitely remember a lot of things if you have done a project on the subject. Projects encourage us to dig deeper & help us learn new things. Ignou PGDDM Projects make learning more learner driven than teacher driven.

Some Benefits of Doing PGDDM Projects:

  • Think of the many ideas that can be thought of while working as a team.
  •  Brainstorming with like minded individuals offers new insights into the problems.
  •  There is a lot to gain for each of the team members if everybody works together.

Doing more ignou mpap 001 project builds the problem solving skills. Projects are not just about making something new and fancy. It can be something very basic and simple or improvising on the existing things.

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