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MA Education at Ignou University is a post-graduation degree program. In this course, students learn new and innovative methods of teaching educational research. This course is the experimentation of new methods in the revised and teaching methodology of the educational field. In this course, students need to submit the project work which is MESP 001. Ignou project offer MESP 1 project help to complete their degree.

In the programme of MA Education, the main focus on various areas of education includes curriculum, counselling, instruction, leadership, and educational technology.

With the help of the Ignou MA education project students introduce to a new level of teaching methods. MA education program offers various specializations and subjects.

The MA Education course is designed for potential teachers or for all those candidates who have a bachelor’s degree in education and are seeking a farther in-depth understanding of this area.

This course concentrates on several facets of education for flow and within an area of research. For that reason, it covers sub-field like administration, etc.

With the help of IGNOU MESP 001 Project, Ignou tries to train their students so they can come out as leaders in the education field.

The students after completing their B.Ed degree and want to do MA Education can do it by regular or correspondence mode after the completion of their post-graduation.

In the given below table we describe the criteria of the MA education course.

Program MA Education
Time-Period Two Years
Degree Post Graduation
Eligibility After the completing of B.Ed Degree


The students make their career after completing the course of MA Education are listed below.

  • Counselor
  • Professor
  • Educational Administrator
  • Researcher
  • Education Consultant
  • Lecturer
  • School Teacher
  • Private Tutor
  • Principal


Candidates can also work in tuition centers, home tuitions, education, education departments, consultancies, publishing houses, research and development agencies, schools, etc.

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When you make a project they get practical knowledge. With the help of the IGNOU MA education project students’ chances increase to getting a job in their field. During the time of making IGNOU MESP 001 Project students do brainstorming and work in a group. That helps the students to increase their knowledge.

How to Get MESP 1 project help

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Ignou DNHE Project and Course Details

Ignou DNHE Project

Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education is also called DNHE. It is a short term diploma course. In this course, students learn about public health and nutrition. This course is for 12th passed students who want to make their career in nutrition science and public health practices. For the final years students who are pursuing the DNHE course, Ignou DNHE Project is compulsory to submit all students.


Course Type Diploma
Eligibility 12th pass
Min. Duration 1 year
Max. Duration 4 year
Fees 2,000
Package 2.5 lakh to 5 lakh

There are total four subjects and each subject has equal credit in DNHE course that is mention in given below table:

Course Code Name of the Course Credits
DNHE-01 Nutrition for the community 8 credit
DNHE-02 Public Health And Hygiene 8 credit
DNHE-03 Nutrition in Health Education 8 credit
DNHE-04 Project work 8 credit

The main goal of the DNHE course is to gain the knowledge base in nutrition and public health increase awareness regarding concept and principle in communication and it’s application in health education and nutrition. And playing the role of nutrition and health educators in their area.

Why Project is Important

For every student who is pursuing the DNHE course, the ignou DNHE project is very important. Because during the making of ignou DNHE project, students gain practical knowledge about their subject. During the time of projects, students do brainstorming and sharing different types of ideas and their knowledge.

Students of DNHE program work on different things and solve the problem of peoples regarding nutrition and health. They meet many types of peoples and solve their queries. In IGNOU Nutrition and Health Education Project, students not doing theory but practical also.

Projects do not only increase the theoretical knowledge but also increase their problem solving skills and also increase the critical thinking and time management. With the help of their project, they get job very easily.

The Project increases the self-confidence of students when they present their project at external they increase confidence.

Where to buy Ignou Nutrition and Health Project

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Frequent Question Asked By Students Regarding Ignou Project

Q – How to Download the Appendix and where to take signature of supervisor?

A – Please click on the link to download it. DNHE Project Guidelines

Q – Where can I find the DNHE project Guidelines?

A – Click on the 1 questions answer  link.

Q – Where and how to Send the Synopsis and Report of DNHE Project

A – You have to hard bind it and speed post to below is the Following

Benefits Of Doing IGNOU mpap 001 Project

Education is supposed In ignou university to be an evenly balanced process of theory and application, the college exams often test just the theory part. Most of the marks that we get are for what we write from our memory in exam and IGNOU mpap 001 Project for PGDDM students.

The bridge between the theoretical aspects and real world is project based learning. However, in psychology curriculum, projects are for the final year students. And this lack of application of knowledge in the real world throughout the course of study is what hinders us from truly appreciating the things that we study.

This is where hobby projects or doing a small project for a few of the subjects that have to be studied in a particular semester comes into the picture. Projects help us in understanding the subject better which in turn leads to remembering what we have studied for a longer duration of time. Do you remember all that stuff that you read for the exam you wrote a few months ago? Probably not. But you will definitely remember a lot of things if you have done a project on the subject. Projects encourage us to dig deeper & help us learn new things. Ignou PGDDM Projects make learning more learner driven than teacher driven.

Some Benefits of Doing PGDDM Projects:

  • Think of the many ideas that can be thought of while working as a team.
  •  Brainstorming with like minded individuals offers new insights into the problems.
  •  There is a lot to gain for each of the team members if everybody works together.

Doing more ignou mpap 001 project builds the problem solving skills. Projects are not just about making something new and fancy. It can be something very basic and simple or improvising on the existing things.

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Notification regarding TEE-2020

Consequent upon the outburst and infectious growth of Corona Virus (COVID-19) and the subsequent prolonged lock down, the Term-end Examinations, June 2020 of Indira Gandhi National Open University, scheduled to be held with effect from June 2020, have been postponed till further notification. The next schedule of

examination will ‘be displayed on the   1GNOU websites of Headquarters and the Regional Centres.  The students, who have submitted the examination forms online. will be informed through phone messages, email, etc. giving a time of 15 days in advance.

The students may prepare for the examinations and should be ready to take the examinations at short notice. The students are also advised to check the status on the University’s website at frequent intervals.

Further, the last date for submission of online TEE examination form without late fee has been extended till 31st May 2020.

To check the notification on Ignou Website please click here

How to Prepare PowerPoint Slides for Ignou MPA project Presentation

Let’s begin with explaining the Ignou MPA project report;

A project report is an expanded essay that needs you to present your own interpretation or evaluation. It appears pretty straight forward? Great! Let us proceed. An Ignou MPA project presentation is just the presentation of your research. You have to present it before your teachers or supervisor.

The first advice we offer is to avoid making mistake

It is important to communicate your thinking in a way that is both easy quite well to understand, broadly covered and without any mistakes in phrasing, spelling, and grammar mistakes.

There are the tips you want to learn to create amazing slides to your Ignou MPAP 002 project presentation:

Simplicity is the Key

The slide show should be designed in a suitable way to show the graphical data that can be easily explain by the student. The slides of the project were never meant to be the main part as how you show the presentation to your supervisor is the main thing. Never allow your message behind the slideshow to be wrecked by unnecessarily complicated, active, and junk-filled slides. Keep in mind that nothing in your slide should be repeated.

Never use Too Much of Bullet Points & Text

Allowing your audience to sleep by using number of bullets and points will not help your project presentation. Which brings us to the problem of text. The slide must contain very small amount of text and more images.

This may seem bad idea taking into consideration the dependence of text slides today, however, the very best PowerPoint slides will be virtually meaningless with no narrative. Always keep in mind that the slide show of the public administration project which you have created are intend to encourage the narrative of this speaker.

Do not get crazy with Transition Animations

Always use the correct animations in the slide show don’t get over excited and use too much of bullets and animation on every page. Student must use these animation according to their requirement in the slideshow. Some animation is a great thing but adheres into the many delicate and professional.

Use good quality images

The student must ensure that whatever images he is applying in the slide show must be of HD quality or purchasing professional stock photography or utilize the huge variety of HD images available online and always be cautious of copyright.

Color Balance

To choose the right colour student must have the creativity and must know which colour goes well with which one. The colour of the presentation is the reason of interest of the audience. If you will choose the right colour it will look appalling and enhance learning comprehension and retention.

Don’t Use PowerPoint Templates

The reason why we are saying to not use the power point templates is, most of them are used and already seen by the audience or other people. It’s better for the student to create the slide show from the scratch by keeping in mind the main theme of the Ignou MPA project work.

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Best Online Ignou Mard Project at Ignou Project

Most of us are well aware of the increasing cost of living. However, according to census 2011 millions of people in India survive on meagre Rs 5000 to make end meet for their entire family. This evident urban-rural split requires our attention. So let’s know about rural development in India and its complete significance.

Ignou Mard Project

Rural development is rather simple to understand but difficult to execute. It concentrates upon the upliftment and development of those segments of rural markets, that are under poverty line and efficiently targets at growing their productivity. Additionally, it highlights the need to tackle various problems of village that hinder expansion and enhance these areas. Some of them are

· Public hygiene and health

· Female empowerment

· Enforcement of order and law

· land reforms

· Infrastructure development such as irrigation, power, etc.

Need for Rural Development in India

The Main aim of rural development is to provide the employment and enhancing the growth of their agricultural industry. Mostly villages in our nations aren’t in sync with all the metropolitan city due to terrible connectivity. Finally, this results in segregation and also a social split between rural and urban places. Essentially, the infrastructure of rural regions should radically improve. Even after a lot of years of Independence, stigmas such as the caste system still have a grasp on rural men and women.

Good education can help in attaining the aim of eradication of these social evils. The dwindling literacy levels in rural India, particularly for females, are a significant issue of concern. There’s a demand for technical and land reforms. Modern technologies such as organic farming need to be integrated to enhance profits and outputs. Last, the villages or the farmers must receive access to easy loans and credit by enhancing the banking system in rural locations.

A market in both urban and rural areas will need to be focused on. The schemes which are already set up with the intention of rural development demand a new perspective and appropriate upgrading.

Colleges who offer Rural Development course

The rural development course is offered by many universities in India but Ignou is the only university which is available in all the rural places of India plus it offer distance learning to the students. Ignou offer two courses of rural development one is post graduate diploma in rural development which is a 1 year PG diploma course and the another one is Masters in rural development also known as MARD. This programme is primarily meant for all those who would like to acquire higher education and are interested to work in the field of rural development. The programme is also meant for those who are already working in the field of Rural Development either in the governmental or the non- governmental sector. To get more exposure for the students, Ignou allow students to write the Ignou MARD project in which student need to perform survey which gives them practical knowledge.

How To complete Rural Development Project

Ignou project offer MARD dissertation or thesis writing to the students of Ignou. This may be the most troublesome project you deal with. If you are looking for someone who can write or help you in completing your dissertation work, then contact us.

You can attempt to compose your Ignou mard project or thesis and struggle with something which is new and hard for you or you can contact us to get the help from our experienced project writing experts. We completely understand how hard composing a project or thesis could be and also our dissertation authors are prepared to assist you. Let’s dissertation-writing services enable you to craft your own thesis and project. When you select, you will find the project assistance of a PhD degree holder that has composed hundreds of dissertation and also thesis-writing. We offer give you the results you require, guaranteed.

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Ignou MA psychology Dissertation |

After finishing the holidays students back to their colleges with the new kind of experiences and stories. The superb part for its most prosperous students mix their stories they had with tales about working on intriguing project to encourage a good cause. Sound exciting? For the past couple of years Ignou project have been supervising students’ Ignou MA psychology dissertation, and also the learner of the Ignou University return after the holidays with amazing stories about their excellent achievements.

Ignou MA psychology project

Select good cause for your dissertation

International awards and competitions provide the very best opportunities for learners to focus their creativity on great causes, assisting to tackle different issues in the local, national or global level. They also give an opportunity to focus on the execution of the most advanced ideas.

What you might not have understood is that lots of companies and organizations at several levels provide awards or service for young people to bring about those jobs. With the ideal approach it’s always possible to unite learner work with intriguing Ignou MA psychology dissertation.

When students consider Implementation, in addition they can and ought to search to get project financing.

Be Focus and creative

One of the hard part of the learner projects — and any project in real life — would be to discover an innovative solution for issues around us. Ironically, it’s not too tough to spot large-scale worldwide issues; nevertheless it’s a struggle to scale down them to make them manageable for learners and also for execution with a rather restricted funding.

Frequently students think too large — in a really large scale — and assure to move mountains. The actual skill in creations, including social creations, would be to find the large picture and establish an angle or smaller goal problem to get a creative solution

Our team find some potential solutions, focusing on more economical methods for composing the project work.

Choose an appropriate angle

The key of any creative thinking is present in the ability to recognize the mixture of effort and resources — finding a fantastic solution at minimal price. Very often this strategy needs a distinct look at widely used resources and materials. It’s likewise crucial to pick a suitable angle that’s applicable in a certain environment — rural or city, higher intensity or low intensity, etc..

Remember planning and presentation

Just finding an intriguing and Innovative solution isn’t sufficient. There are two major elements to consider and tackle: mode of demonstration, and time. Fairly often brilliant ideas aren’t valued when they’re not composed in the terminology of their grant/award needs or perspectives on innovation, therefore it’s clear that you want to do a little homework before filing an application.

It’s quite crucial to prepare a high-impact presentation, project description and summary, which can be tailored to show to your supervisor according to his requirements. In our situation it was actually a challenge to compose a comprehensive 15 pages proposal outline for a 100 pages of Ignou MA psychology dissertation report and we needed to write it in a very tight deadline — actually we nearly missed the deadline because we didn’t carefully read all of the prerequisites and requirements at the start. We always learn the difficult way about timing and focusing.

Student can get the help in writing Ignou MA psychology project

Why Choose Ignou MBA HR Project

If your objective is to take a senior role in HR, an MBA with an HR concentration will provide you an in-depth understanding of business and about the recent trends, and prepare one for HR-related leadership functions that need more involvement in crucial decision making inside the organization. Ignou MBA HR Project, Once you will complete your degree in mba in hr you would get an advantage in the competitive and you will get easily hired for good position in any company.

Ignou Project

In the Modern fast-paced industry world, The Human Resources (HR) staff isn’t only responsible for recruiting and training new workers or handling employee relations and compensation, but also has to examine the larger picture; handle newer and harder challenges.

This may involve tactical decision-making or managing special situations associated with mergers or layoffs.

It Is Essential to select best subject foe the Ignou MBA HR project why becauseit reveals actual impact to supervisorif you’ve taken latest topic for the project work.

There are several free Ignou MBA HR Project topics offered but most important issue is you need to select best subject that are closely related to your specialization. You can easily download The Ignou MBA HR Project Proposal from our website as we have uploaded samples of synopsis for all the specialization of the MBA, but the problem is to get the sample of project report or report you need to contact our project writing experts. You can easily find the abstract from the internet but not the whole project. Ignou Project request students to choose project topic and then start composing your Ignou MBA HR project that’s best strategy but the majority of the working students doesn’t get the time to write the project and that is the reason they start looking for the professionals on internet and then contact us.

There are some principle rules that are very important to pick any subject.

1 – Select project topic in this way thatit will impact to prospective employers when you’re likely to explain out the project to your supervisor.

2–The student need to select the topic having the primary research as Ignou project will reject the topic if there will be no survey and data collection and totally based on the secondary data. According to Ignou project guidelines the student need to perform the survey and collect the data

3 – Before selecting the subject student must search the information on internet related to their topic as they have to write the review of literature with the help of internet and supervisor.

There are numerous specializations in MBA and telling finest subject for every specialization is actually tough, but that I will attempt to cover generic subject that’ll suit to each of specialty in MBA in our next blog.

Dear friends, Ignou Project consist of great Collection of Ignou MBA HR project report with synopsis and source code that are mentioned in the handbook of Ignou Project. We’ve got huge selection of project according to your region of interest and also the industry selected.

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MBA Topics for Ignou MS 100 Projects

The subject code for MBA in Ignou University is MS100. A project topic mustbe selected according to the current and prevalent conditions at a learner’s environment and associated with a student’s specialty area. Learners should start looking for dependable assistance with Ignou MS 100 project subject suggestions to determine appropriate research subjects.

The subject identified needs to be of interest to the learner since they’re the one likely to study on it rather than the supervisor. The perfect subject must meet the academic needs and offer opportunities for learner to further their career or research. An MBA subject must be broad enough to discover relevant info, not too broad as it’s going to be tough to cover all angles and not too narrow because it’s going to be quite difficult to locate some helpful info.

It must define the main goal of the Ignou MS100 project or research, reasons why the subject was selected and also the significance of this focus issue into the current knowledge accessible. MS100 topics comprise the significant regions of project management, business plans, business behavior, marketing, global business, finance, economics and these. Narrower topics may fall below price reduction, cost management, microfinance, hazard management and a lot more. For bestMS100project subject help, contact us now and we’ll respond instantly. In our company, you’ll find a fantastic research topic that’s manageable.

Learners should remain careful throughout the study subject formula. Thus, they shouldn’t pick a subject that’s too narrow or broad. Anyway, they must think about a subject that has literature that is available. Our project writing experts have good knowledge in research subject selection hence, they’ve develop Ignou MS100 project subjects which are exceptional. With their experience, they’ll stop at nothing to make sure you’ve chosen a thesis topic the managers will take.

1. Effective Guidence styles in a SME firm

This subject is on the precious leadership styles.That management may use to direct their company through the attainment of the set goals. The many ways that those supervisors handle the human sources of the companies are also identified. Benefit and pitfalls will be recognized.

2. The connection between industry leaders’ managerial Capabilities and organizational achievement

The subject investigates the impact of managerial Skills and academic qualifications of supervisors on business accomplishments. The newest MBA project topic ideas will analyze whether there’s a relation between the company leader’s education level and the achievement of their small business firm. Great managerial practices are also identified.

3. Successful marketing in SMEs and its relation to customer behaviour

This Concept is about Valuable selling and marketing tactics that cause clients making purchases of products that are advertised. In addition, it is going to inspect the preferred advertising approaches implemented by SMEs and establish the resultant customer buying behaviours.

4. Internet marketing opportunities and their effect on customer satisfaction

Online Marketing is a relatively new area which has caused faster and new techniques for reaching clients. Firms are turning to the manner since it immediately reaches the target customers. The research paper will attest that companies can improve their customers’ satisfaction and flip about any negative client attitudes regarding their services and products.

5. Role of E-commerce in marketing and promoting new products

Production of new and Innovative products by a company is vital to stimulating growth and preventing stagnation. These goods should be popularized to make sure returns from the capital invested. This research subject will identify successful IT advertising strategies, Setbacks, and approaches to overcome them. One of the most efficient ways of coming up with a unique research topic is to look at the trending issues in your field of study. When you trust us, you will get a list of all the latest research topics of Ignou MS100 project. Work with us today, and we will not disappoint you.

How To Get MA Education Project Topics

ignou ma education project topic

MA Education is a postgraduate course that deals in fundamental aspects of Education and its related factors. Students get to learn about Education Psychology, value education, human rights, environmental education, lie sciences and much more. I this blog we have mention Ignou MA Education Project Topics from which student can take help from.

The course primarily aims to build in enrolled students proficiency in pedagogy and leadership. It aims to improve the understanding of schooling and appreciation of the political, economic and social forces that influence the decisions of educational leaders. 

MA Education hones students’ skills needed in analyses and discussions of education-related Ignou project for application to real-world experiences along with providing competency in educational leadership.

Ignou MA Education Project Topics

Here we have mention few latest topics of Ignou MA education project which you can select or can make your own topic from here.

Leadership Qualities and Self-Perception of Students Pursuing their Higher Education.

Study of the Status of Inclusive Education in Government Schools of Delhi.

The Effect of School Environment, Home Environment and Study Habits on Academic Achievements of Scheduled Caste Students.

The Study of Relationship between Depression and Academic Achievement in Graduate and Postgraduate Students.

Usage and Impact of Mobile Phones upon the Students of Professional Courses.

Management of Educational Institutions’ In Shaping the Personality Of Students.

An Analytical Study of Personality Structure, Creative Potential and Study Habit of Academically Gifted Students.

Social Intelligence and Academic Achievement of Students at Ignou.

Effect of Counseling on the Academic Achievement, Need-Achievement and Study Habits of Underachievers.

Influence of Geometrical Ability and Study Habit on the Achievement in Mathematics at Secondary Stage.

A Study of Adjustment of Students Based on Personality and Achievement Motivation.

An Analytical Study of Emotional Intelligence a Study of Relationship among Mental Health, Emotional Intelligence and Academic Achievement of Secondary School Students.

Learning Styles of 10th Class Students of Icse Board.

A Study of Societal Needs of Adolescent Girls.

Occupational Stress and Role Commitment: A Comparative Study of School Teachers in Government and Private Schools.

Ego Strength, Self-Actualization and the Level of Burnout among the High School Teachers.

Cognitive Abilities of Students Pursuing their Higher Education.

Mental Health and Academic Achievement among 9 Standard Students.

Study of Psycho-Social Problems of Adolescent Girls Related to Their Family Life, Educational Life and Emotional Behavior.

A Study about Management Education in Selected Business Schools.