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ignou ma education project topic

MA Education is a postgraduate course that deals in fundamental aspects of Education and its related factors. Students get to learn about Education Psychology, value education, human rights, environmental education, lie sciences and much more. I this blog we have mention Ignou MA Education Project Topics from which student can take help from.

The course primarily aims to build in enrolled students proficiency in pedagogy and leadership. It aims to improve the understanding of schooling and appreciation of the political, economic and social forces that influence the decisions of educational leaders. 

MA Education hones students’ skills needed in analyses and discussions of education-related Ignou project for application to real-world experiences along with providing competency in educational leadership.

Ignou MA Education Project Topics

Here we have mention few latest topics of Ignou MA education project which you can select or can make your own topic from here.

Leadership Qualities and Self-Perception of Students Pursuing their Higher Education.

Study of the Status of Inclusive Education in Government Schools of Delhi.

The Effect of School Environment, Home Environment and Study Habits on Academic Achievements of Scheduled Caste Students.

The Study of Relationship between Depression and Academic Achievement in Graduate and Postgraduate Students.

Usage and Impact of Mobile Phones upon the Students of Professional Courses.

Management of Educational Institutions’ In Shaping the Personality Of Students.

An Analytical Study of Personality Structure, Creative Potential and Study Habit of Academically Gifted Students.

Social Intelligence and Academic Achievement of Students at Ignou.

Effect of Counseling on the Academic Achievement, Need-Achievement and Study Habits of Underachievers.

Influence of Geometrical Ability and Study Habit on the Achievement in Mathematics at Secondary Stage.

A Study of Adjustment of Students Based on Personality and Achievement Motivation.

An Analytical Study of Emotional Intelligence a Study of Relationship among Mental Health, Emotional Intelligence and Academic Achievement of Secondary School Students.

Learning Styles of 10th Class Students of Icse Board.

A Study of Societal Needs of Adolescent Girls.

Occupational Stress and Role Commitment: A Comparative Study of School Teachers in Government and Private Schools.

Ego Strength, Self-Actualization and the Level of Burnout among the High School Teachers.

Cognitive Abilities of Students Pursuing their Higher Education.

Mental Health and Academic Achievement among 9 Standard Students.

Study of Psycho-Social Problems of Adolescent Girls Related to Their Family Life, Educational Life and Emotional Behavior.

A Study about Management Education in Selected Business Schools.

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