Online Ignou AHE Project Help

Online Ignou AHe project Help

Why study the Human Environment?

If you are perusing BA from Ignou university then you need to complete Environment project which is know as Ignou AHE project.  Examine the influence of geography on human behavior, and the effects of human activity on the environment. Geographers will be able to use their knowledge of this complicated relationship to find creative solutions to some of today’s most pressing issues: climate change, biodiversity loss and natural resource management.

You will learn through lectures, labs, and projects.

  1. Learn about the relationship between people and places. What does it mean? How do they shape our lives?
  2. Investigate the causes and effects of environmental change
  3. Think about the importance and role of environmental and social justice issues
  4. Find ways to encourage the efficient, equitable, and sustainable use resources
  5. Learn how to collect, analyze and interpret statistics data
  6. Learn technical skills in computerized mapping, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and other related areas.

Your technical and academic skills will help you to find a career in the areas of climate change adaptation policy, environmental assessment, biodiversity conservation, protected areas planning, urban and regional planning, as well as in other areas like climate change mitigation policy, climate impact assessment, and biodiversity conservation.

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