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Most of us are well aware of the increasing cost of living. However, according to census 2011 millions of people in India survive on meagre Rs 5000 to make end meet for their entire family. This evident urban-rural split requires our attention. So let’s know about rural development in India and its complete significance.

Ignou Mard Project

Rural development is rather simple to understand but difficult to execute. It concentrates upon the upliftment and development of those segments of rural markets, that are under poverty line and efficiently targets at growing their productivity. Additionally, it highlights the need to tackle various problems of village that hinder expansion and enhance these areas. Some of them are

· Public hygiene and health

· Female empowerment

· Enforcement of order and law

· land reforms

· Infrastructure development such as irrigation, power, etc.

Need for Rural Development in India

The Main aim of rural development is to provide the employment and enhancing the growth of their agricultural industry. Mostly villages in our nations aren’t in sync with all the metropolitan city due to terrible connectivity. Finally, this results in segregation and also a social split between rural and urban places. Essentially, the infrastructure of rural regions should radically improve. Even after a lot of years of Independence, stigmas such as the caste system still have a grasp on rural men and women.

Good education can help in attaining the aim of eradication of these social evils. The dwindling literacy levels in rural India, particularly for females, are a significant issue of concern. There’s a demand for technical and land reforms. Modern technologies such as organic farming need to be integrated to enhance profits and outputs. Last, the villages or the farmers must receive access to easy loans and credit by enhancing the banking system in rural locations.

A market in both urban and rural areas will need to be focused on. The schemes which are already set up with the intention of rural development demand a new perspective and appropriate upgrading.

Colleges who offer Rural Development course

The rural development course is offered by many universities in India but Ignou is the only university which is available in all the rural places of India plus it offer distance learning to the students. Ignou offer two courses of rural development one is post graduate diploma in rural development which is a 1 year PG diploma course and the another one is Masters in rural development also known as MARD. This programme is primarily meant for all those who would like to acquire higher education and are interested to work in the field of rural development. The programme is also meant for those who are already working in the field of Rural Development either in the governmental or the non- governmental sector. To get more exposure for the students, Ignou allow students to write the Ignou MARD project in which student need to perform survey which gives them practical knowledge.

How To complete Rural Development Project

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