How to Prepare PowerPoint Slides for Ignou MPA project Presentation

Let’s begin with explaining the Ignou MPA project report;

A project report is an expanded essay that needs you to present your own interpretation or evaluation. It appears pretty straight forward? Great! Let us proceed. An Ignou MPA project presentation is just the presentation of your research. You have to present it before your teachers or supervisor.

The first advice we offer is to avoid making mistake

It is important to communicate your thinking in a way that is both easy quite well to understand, broadly covered and without any mistakes in phrasing, spelling, and grammar mistakes.

There are the tips you want to learn to create amazing slides to your Ignou MPAP 002 project presentation:

Simplicity is the Key

The slide show should be designed in a suitable way to show the graphical data that can be easily explain by the student. The slides of the project were never meant to be the main part as how you show the presentation to your supervisor is the main thing. Never allow your message behind the slideshow to be wrecked by unnecessarily complicated, active, and junk-filled slides. Keep in mind that nothing in your slide should be repeated.

Never use Too Much of Bullet Points & Text

Allowing your audience to sleep by using number of bullets and points will not help your project presentation. Which brings us to the problem of text. The slide must contain very small amount of text and more images.

This may seem bad idea taking into consideration the dependence of text slides today, however, the very best PowerPoint slides will be virtually meaningless with no narrative. Always keep in mind that the slide show of the public administration project which you have created are intend to encourage the narrative of this speaker.

Do not get crazy with Transition Animations

Always use the correct animations in the slide show don’t get over excited and use too much of bullets and animation on every page. Student must use these animation according to their requirement in the slideshow. Some animation is a great thing but adheres into the many delicate and professional.

Use good quality images

The student must ensure that whatever images he is applying in the slide show must be of HD quality or purchasing professional stock photography or utilize the huge variety of HD images available online and always be cautious of copyright.

Color Balance

To choose the right colour student must have the creativity and must know which colour goes well with which one. The colour of the presentation is the reason of interest of the audience. If you will choose the right colour it will look appalling and enhance learning comprehension and retention.

Don’t Use PowerPoint Templates

The reason why we are saying to not use the power point templates is, most of them are used and already seen by the audience or other people. It’s better for the student to create the slide show from the scratch by keeping in mind the main theme of the Ignou MPA project work.

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