Do I have to Submit Resubmitted Assignments if I’ve not Completed the Course?

If your assignment for any class is evaluated and received by the Ignou University then the assignment does not have to be submitted again even if you didn’t appear in the term end exams. The good thing is you don’t need to submit the assignment again. The marks on your assignment remain in effect.

What happens if I fail to complete my IGNOU assignments?

According to the Ignou guidelines, if you haven’t completed your assignments and not submitted then your hall ticket will not generate. But what happens actually is, In your grade card it will show as “not completed”. You must submit your Ignou solved assignment to earn your degree. However, you may submit your assignments later too.

Exams can be written on subjects you have not submitted your assignments for. This is due to the fact that IGNOU has no method to verify if students taking the exam have submitted the assignments they were assigned or not. When filling out the exam form when you’re asked if you’ve submitted your assignments simply click Yes. If you need any solved assignment you can always contact Ignou project support team.

Late fees provision

If you failed to submit the assignments before the due date, you can submit it afterwards with the late fee of Rs200.

How do I submit assignments?

As per the information received from the IGNOU Headquarters. Learners are able to submit their handwritten assignment for TEE the June session of 2022 at the email addresses/Google Links of the relevant Study Centre, as uploaded to the RC Delhi 3 website. Be sure to read the comprehensive instructions on this site prior to making the online submission.


1 – Do not send assignment to Regional Centre Delhi 3 email ID.

2 – Don’t submit more than one copy of the work. Only submit one copy.

3 – Do not attach a PDF document that has access restrictions (file that needs access permission must be kept out of)

4 – If you have submitted soft copies of your assignments, then you do not have to provide hardcopies copies of identical.

“There might be delay in declaration of assignment results in case if the above four instructions are not followed.”

If the assignment submission receipt has not been received online after you have submitted your assignments to Your Study Centre assignment submission email/Link The report you received from your assignment submission email/link could be kept as an the receipt for your assignment.

Marks on the submission will be recorded only on TEE June 2022 result grade card. TEE June 2022 report.

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