How much time does IGNOU take to provide an original graduate degree after graduation?

Graduation is a cherished milestone in every student’s academic journey. For IGNOU learners, receiving the original degree certificate upon successful completion of their program marks the peak of their achievement. However, students are often curious about the timelines – how long after graduation will they actually receive their IGNOU degree certificate? Let’s examine the procedures and average time duration.

IGNOU Degree Conferment

The degree is officially conferred to graduating students during the Convocation ceremony conducted each year. Students receive a Provisional Certificate on the Convocation day which serves as proof until the original degree certificate is issued.

When is Original Degree Sent?

On average, it takes 2-3 months after the Convocation for students to receive their original degree certificate from IGNOU via Speed Post. However, this is not a fixed duration and varies across programs and sessions.

IGNOU has to process results, verify records, printing and dispatch thousands of degrees. Important factors affecting processing time are:

– Date of Convocation ceremony
– Number of graduating students
– Student’s program of study
– Any pending formalities or documents from student’s side

Tracking Original Degree Status

The long wait for their degree can cause anxiety among students. Here are some ways to track the status:

– Check the student portal regularly. Status is updated when degree is printed and dispatched.
– Follow announcements on the IGNOU website related to degree printing and dispatch.
– Contact the Regional Center to enquire about expected date of receiving the degree.
– Call up the Dispatch unit at IGNOU HQs to track speed post consignment.
– Visit headquarters in Delhi if feasible to collect degree in person.

Points to Note

Students awaiting their IGNOU degree can take note of these points:

– Degree date matches Convocation date, not result declaration date.
– Only one original degree is provided with security features. Handle it carefully.
– The degree gets permanently recorded in the university archives.
– Damaged/lost degrees can be replaced but require documentation.
– Inform University if you change address before degree is dispatched.

Patience is key as issuing degrees involves meticulous preparation to meet IGNOU’s quality standards. Unless urgent or exceptional cases, students can expect to proudly hold their original IGNOU graduate degree in hand 2-3 months from Convocation.

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