How to Apply for Original Degree Certificate from IGNOU University If Lost

Obtaining an original degree certificate is the pinnacle moment for every IGNOU student. It validates years of hard work and opens doors to further education and employment opportunities. However, the loss of such a vital document can cause immense anxiety. If you have lost or misplaced your original IGNOU degree certificate, there is a well-defined procedure to apply for and obtain a new one.

First Steps after Loss of Certificate

The first step is to file an FIR (First Information Report) with the local police station regarding the loss of the original degree certificate. Make sure to mention when and where you think the document was lost/misplaced. The FIR serves as an official proof that you have reported the loss of an important document to the authorities.

Next, intimate the Regional Centre (RC) under which your examination centre falls about the loss. You can locate your RC on the IGNOU website and contact them via phone, email or by visiting in-person. Inform them regarding filing the FIR and request a new degree certificate through proper channels. The RC will guide you on the detailed process.

Documents Required

To obtain duplicate mark sheets or degrees from IGNOU, you need to submit the following documents:

– FIR copy
– Affidavit on non-judicial stamp paper of Rs. 10/-
– Copy of IGNOU Identity Card
– Photocopy of grade cards of all semesters/years
– Revaluation/photocopy of answer scripts fee payment receipt, if applicable
– 2 copies of recent passport size photographs
– Photocopy of High School certificate as proof of Date of Birth

Procedure for Duplicate Certificate

Follow these step-wise procedures to get a duplicate degree certificate from IGNOU:

– Submit written application to Regional Director along with the required documents
– Pay the requisite fee of Rs.750/-
– Obtain a receipt for the payment made
– The application is processed at RC and sent to Student Registration Division (SRD)
– SRD verifies student records and confirms eligibility
– Duplicate degree certificate is issued within 45 days through Speed Post
– The word ‘Duplicate’ is marked diagonally across the degree
– The duplicate certificate carries the original date of issue and same attestations

Points to Note

Students must exercise caution while applying for and receiving a duplicate certificate. Some key points are:

– Only one duplicate degree is issued by the University
– The process may take 1-2 months so plan accordingly
– Collect the duplicate degree in-person from RC if possible
– Inform University if you receive the original certificate at any point
– Change of name/surname on degree will need additional legal procedures

By following the proper procedures and submitting the complete documentation, IGNOU students can obtain a duplicate degree certificate. The result of years of sacrifice and hard work need not be lost due to a mishap. Just ensure you remain patient, vigilant and follow the University protocols to get back your most cherished academic certificate.

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