What are the Easiest courses to pursue graduation through IGNOU?

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) offers a range of undergraduate degree programs that cater to diverse academic interests and career aspirations. Pursuing graduation through distance learning with IGNOU is a convenient and flexible option. While all courses have their own curriculum and evaluation methods, some are considered easier in terms of course content, number of papers, and practical components.

Bachelor’s Degree Programs with Easy Courses

Here are some of the easiest bachelor’s degree programs that students can complete from IGNOU:

  1. Bachelor of Arts (BA)

The 3-year BA program has a simple course structure and syllabus. Some easy course options are:

– English/Hindi/Sanskrit

– Economics

– History

– Political Science

– Public Administration

– Philosophy

– Psychology

– Sociology

The BA courses only have theory papers and no practical exams. The curriculum focuses on humanities and social sciences which most students find easy to grasp.

  1. Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)

The BCom program primarily covers business, accounting, management, and economics. Students have claimed the following courses to be scoring and less intensive:

– Business Organization

– Business Mathematics

– Business Communication

– Principles of Management

– Financial Accounting

– Economics

BCom has both theory papers as well as projects which students can complete flexibly over time.

  1. Bachelor of Library and Information Science (BLIS)

For students interested in books, libraries and learning resources, BLIS offers some relatively easy courses:

– Library Classification Theory

– Cataloguing Theory

– Library Management

– Reference, Information Sources and Services

– Information Technology: Basic Concepts

The focus is more on applied library science knowledge rather than advanced IT concepts.

Key Reasons Why These Courses Are Considered Easy

Some of the reasons why the above undergraduate level courses are deemed easy and scoring by IGNOU students are:

– Flexibility: IGNOU offers full flexibility to study at your own pace and convenience. There are no compulsory class or attendance requirements.

– Repeated practice questions: The question banks and previous year papers are easily available. By practicing consistently, one can master the exam patterns.

– No practical exams: Many courses only have theory papers so students don’t need to worry about practical components.

– Predictable syllabus: The syllabus mostly remains static with minor modifications. So students are aware of what to expect.

– High passing marks: For undergraduate courses, the minimum passing marks are quite low allowing even average students to pass.

– Multiple attempts: Students can appear multiple times for papers to improve scores by learning from mistakes.

– Skill-based syllabus: Some courses focus more on communication and analytical skills which are easier to develop.

Clearly, IGNOU offers various undergraduate courses that are considered manageable for students through self-study. Learners can pick programs aligned to their academic strengths and interests to smoothly earn their graduation degrees.

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