Can a Cancelled Admission be done again in IGNOU?

For Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) students, academic progression depends on continuous and valid enrollment. However, there may be circumstances where learners are unable to continue their admission due to personal, professional or financial constraints. A common query that arises is whether students can take re-admission if the previous enrolment was cancelled. Let’s understand IGNOU’s policies on cancelled admissions and re-registration.

Cancellation of Admission

A student’s admission may be cancelled if:

– Registration validity period expires

– Continuous absence from examinations

– Non-payment of prescribed fees on time

– Providing false information during admission

– Engaging in unfair means during examinations

Usually, students are given sufficient warnings and reminders before the cancellation process is initiated. Once cancelled, the student status becomes inactive.

Consequences of Cancellation

The consequences of cancellation of admission are:

– Discontinuation from the academic program

– Loss of student registration number

– Anadditional admission fee will be charged whenever the student re-registers

– The grades obtained during previous enrollment will not be retained

– The student will need to start the program afresh

Essentially, the process is equivalent to a new admission for the student.

Eligibility for Re-Admission

Students whose admission has been cancelled due to any reason can certainly take re-admission and continue the same program if they wish.

The eligibility criteria are:

– The program should be valid and offered currently by IGNOU

– The student qualifies the minimum eligibility criteria applicable for new applicants of the program

– Re-admission can be done after 6 months from date of cancellation

– The admission form should be correctly filled with requisite details

Re-admission process and timelines are similar to fresh admissions.

Process for Re-Registration

Here are the stepwise processes for a student to re-register after cancellation of previous admission:

– Check program eligibility criteria and other details on the IGNOU website

– Obtain the re-admission form and prospectus from Regional Centre

– Fill the form with all details carefully and attach documents

– Submit the form at IGNOU Regional Centre along with re-admission fee

– Collect new identity card once admission is approved

– Renew registration for next semesters by paying the fees within due dates

Key Takeaways

In summary, cancellation of admission by IGNOU for any reason does not permanently deprive a student from continuing their academic program. By following the proper re-admission process and fulfilling eligibility norms, students can resume their studentship. They can pick up from where they left off and still fulfil their career goals through courses offered by IGNOU.

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