Can I do my IGNOU Assignment in a Ruled A4 Size Spiral Notebook?

Completing assignments is an integral academic requirement for IGNOU programs. For distance learners, assignments contribute substantially to the total grades. Naturally, students want to submit well-presented assignments. This raises common queries like whether spiral bound notebooks are allowed.

IGNOU Assignment Format

IGNOU is quite flexible regarding assignment format and presentation. The University has prescribed the following broad guidelines:

– Assignments must be handwritten by the student in their own handwriting.

– The standard size of paper is A4 ruled/plain sheets. Sticking to ruled sheets is advisable.

– Only one side of the paper should be used for writing content.

– A margin of 3-4 cms should be left on the left, top and bottom of each sheet.

– All the pages should be numbered properly.

– Plastic/PVC folders should NOT be used. Simple paper folders or file covers are recommended.

Spiral Binding is Allowed

Within the broad guidelines, students can use ruled A4 size spiral notebooks for IGNOU assignments.

Spiral binding has the following advantages:

– Pages remain secure, aligned and do not tear easily.

– Writing is easier as the pages are bound tight.

– Adding or removing sheets is convenient if required.

As long as the notebook pages adhere to the A4 size format and ruling guidelines, content written in them is acceptable.

However, stay within the specified page limit. Examiners may not evaluate content on extra pages.

Points to Remember

If you plan to use spiral notebooks, keep these tips in mind:

– Pick good quality notebooks – Select notebooks with at least 60-70 GSM paper which does not absorb ink easily. The spirals should be tightly bound.

– Allow margins – Make sure to leave wide margins on all sides as per IGNOU rules when writing content.

– Write on one side – Use only the right hand pages for content. Keep the left hand pages blank.

– Number all pages – Number each page correctly, including the blank left side pages.

– Stick to page limit – Strictly write within the specified page limit for each question. Extra content on additional pages may be ignored.

– Bind appropriately – Once completed, remove the spiral and punch holes appropriately. Compile different section notebooks and bind using string or fasteners.

Alternatives to Spiral Notebooks

While spiral notebooks are permitted, here are some other options students can explore:

– Ordinary ruled notebooks – These are most commonly used and are easier for filing after completion.

– Blank notebooks – If you can write straight without ruling, blank pages allow more content per page.

– Loose sheets – Buy A4 size ruled sheets and simply staple them together. Add and remove sheets conveniently.

– Typing – For computer-based assignments, content can be directly typed and printed out.

IGNOU is quite flexible regarding assignment formats. Opt for a style you are most comfortable with. Just ensure your content is original, creative and adheres to the guidelines. That’s what really matters!

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